Rainey Street District

Situated near Lady Bird Lake and Interstate 35, the Rainey Street District offers the ideal location for those who want to enjoy all that the downtown Austin area has while also enjoying the district’s natural beauty. The natural beauty and prime location of the area isn’t all that this neighborhood has to offer, however, as the Rainey Street District is also home to numerous historic homes. In fact, 21 of the neighborhood’s buildings have been identified as part of a historic district, while a total of 31 of the neighborhood’s buildings were constructed prior to 1934.

Largely dominated by single-family homes, the city government is working toward developing a long-term plan that will allow for redevelopment in the area while retaining its historic significance and character. Some new developments that have already been developed nearby include the new Mexican-American Cultural Center and several high-rise condominium buildings. With the district encompassing 120 acres of space, however, residents of Rainey Street District don’t need to worry about these developments detracting from historical beauty and significance of the district and its buildings. Similarly, due to the fact that the streets within the district are not well connected to the surrounding downtown area, residents enjoy a more isolated feeling while still remaining near to all that the downtown area has to offer.

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