Bouldin Creek

Originally developed at the turn of the century, Bouldin Creek is a unique neighborhood that managed to blend together a variety of different backgrounds, cultures and architectural stylings in order to create a style that is all its own.

The History of Bouldin Creek

As one of the oldest of Austin’s neighborhoods, Bouldin Creek has a rich and colorful history that is still reflected in its charm and diversity. Most of the community’s growth occurred during the 1920s and 30s, though its roots extend far deeper than that. In fact, writer John Henry Faulk spent his boyhood years in the neighborhood and Dr. E. W. Herndon’s 1894 Victorian mansion can still be found standing in the neighborhood, though it is now the home of the Green Pastures Restaurant.

Things to Do in Bouldin Creek

Residents of Bouldin Creek enjoy easy access to a number of recreational and cultural opportunities. The Lester E. Palmer Community Events Center, Auditorium Shores and the Long Center for the Performing Arts can all be found within the neighborhood. In addition, a variety of bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants are within easy walking distance, while hiking and biking trails can be found in abundance within the community parkland.

The Bouldin Creek Economy

Bouldin Creek is home to more than 2,700 households and more than 5,600 residents, resulting in a close-knit community that successfully blends the old with the new. With its close proximity to downtown Austin, residents don’t have to travel far to enjoy the amenities and employment opportunities the area has to offer. In addition, the Texas School for the Deaf can be found within the neighborhood, providing additional funding for the neighborhood as well as employment opportunities for its residents.

Homes in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood typically range from “fixer-uppers” within the $200,000 range to beautifully remodeled homes that can cost well over $1 million, which means there is a home in Bouldin Creek to suit nearly anyone’s budget.

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